Child saved by preschool owner’s quick CPR (pressAtlanticCity)

The Davis-Holland Learning Center is proud to have been featured in the pressAtlanticCity for simply doing our job! You can read the article below.

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP — Preschool owner Melode Davis-Holland knew exactly what she had to do when a 1-year-old child had a seizure and turned blue Tuesday.

It was lunchtime at the Davis-Holland Learning Center, which cares for about 80 children from 6 weeks to 12 years old, and Jasleen Chacon-Fernandez, age 1, wasn’t well.

Davis-Holland said Jasleen had just awakened from a nap. The staff gave the toddler her lunch and she wouldn’t eat. The staff immediately saw the little girl didn’t look well and her temperature was warm.

“When they put thermometer under her arm to take her temperature, she shrieked,” Davis-Holland said.

The child began convulsing, and the preschool staff ran into Davis-Holland’s office with a limp Jasleen in their arms.

“I immediately told my assistant to call 911. I took the baby and put her on the flood and she started to turn blue,” Davis-Holland said.
When she was on the phone with 911 and reported the child’s condition, the operator asked if she knew CPR, because she was going to need to do it.

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